ST100 Samsung Digital Camera Unboxing

Dual LCD ST600 Samsung Digital Camera Unboxing by Hannah.

14.2 Mega Pixels, 5x Optical zoom Schneider Inner Lens
Front LCD : 1.8″
Back LCD : 3.5″ Touch LCD with Smart Gesture UI
(Front LCD)
Self Portrait
Smile Detection
Children Mode
Couple Shot
Self Timer
Jump Shot
(Smart Auto 2.0)
17 still modes, 4 movie modes
(Touch LCD)
3.5″ Wide Touch LCD
1,152K Pixels resolution
(Smart Technology)
Smart Face Recognition
Smart Filter
(HD Movie)
720p HD quality at 30 frames/sec
H.264 format

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One Response to “ST100 Samsung Digital Camera Unboxing”

  1. lexy Says:

    couple shot ans jump shot mode are pretty interesting

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