Time Lapse WB2000: Night Sky 2nd Attempt

It’s fall. The skies are blue and the clouds are white as ever. If you felt reluctant to shoot anything due to the hot humid summer weather, let’s go out and try to capture all the images of beautiful nature that this season has to offer. You will be amazed.
For this week’s it clip, I chose videos that are taken using the Time-lapse function in cameras and camcorders with the same theme.
I sometimes get really surprised at their talent when I look at the videos that users upload on YouTube. I’m not sure if it’s the quality and the function of the camera that makes it so outstanding or if it’s just their great talent shown through the video.
The sky seems just as busy as the people on the streets. Let’s take a look at the video.

-ID: nuckingfutis
-Product: WB2000/TL350
-Tip: This is a time lapse of 7.5 hours, 235 pictures

My friend said, “This is my second attempt at making a time lapse video of the night sky. Although I got more clouds in it this time instead of the intended stars, I still think it looks pretty cool”

When I saw this video, I once again realized that the earth is rotating. I bet the sky in the desert will be even more dramatic. I think you’ll be able to achieve great images when you shoot on a secluded countryside or by the river at night. :]


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