NX10 / NX5 firmware update for i-Function lens

As new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera NX100 has been unveiled, its i-Function lens also got a lot of attention. Especially i-Function lens puts the perfect picture at the fingertips of all photographers through a completely new way of controlling your camera.
In this reason, there was an issue between NX10 / NX5 users if the NX10 / NX5 and i-Function lens are compatible each other. Sadly, they aren’t at first. However, here is good news for them. Samsung announced a firmware update for NX10 and NX5 to solve the problem.
The following table shows the benefits of NX10 / NX5 firmware version 1.20.

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One Response to “NX10 / NX5 firmware update for i-Function lens”

  1. weejow Says:

    i function lens is very interesting.. good enough!

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