NX100’s Limited Offer Event in Korea!

There was the first limited offer event for Samsung mirrorless interchangeable lens camera NX100 on October 2nd 2010, Seoul, Korea.
Before its official sale begins, only 200 people got a chance to purchase NX100 earlier than others.
Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/45s │ f/2.5 │ ISO 160 │ 5mm
Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/30s │ f/2.3 │ ISO 200 │ 5mm
Many people lined up at the mall for the last few hours showing their higher interest in NX100.
Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/30s │ f/2 │ ISO 100 │ 8mm
Exotic camera straps and paintings, designed by Korean famous singer, were displayed that have caught people’s attention.
Once it started, the event moved on with great speed for people’s convenience.
Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/30s │ f/2.5 │ ISO 160 │ 5mm
On the other side of the booth, staffs kindly explained how to use NX100 and answered questions from the consumers.
The consumers, who have touched NX100, were satisfied with its design and grip style. Especially i-Function lens had a lot of attention as an important function of the NX100.
The NX100, with successful start in Korea, will be released in on-line stores, and other countries soon.

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One Response to “NX100’s Limited Offer Event in Korea!”

  1. weejow Says:

    i like the photos taken by EX1… and i’m very interested with nx100!

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