South Africa – Cape Town

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I’ve just started work in a new architecture practice and suddenly I travelled to South Africa for a short period of work!
The mission was discover how the FIFA WORLD CUP is organized, how the city is transformed just for 4 weeks…why the South Africans had been so proud to host this big event…
clip_image002Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/500s │ f/4.7 │ ISO 80 │ 4.7mm
clip_image004Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/180s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
This new architecture practice is involved in some stadium projects for 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL, so nothing better than visit a previous host country to learn!
We went to South Africa to visit three cities: Cape Town, Durban and Jo’burg.
Cape Town is an amazing city. We Brazilians say that CT is an Rio de Janeiro that who worked!
The city is guarded by imposing Table Mountain.
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/500s │ f/4.9 │ ISO 80 │ 16.3mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/350s │ f/4.4 │ ISO 80 │ 13.7mm
As a foreigner view, the city is perfect, but is known that the recent past is still present in everyday society.
The Cape Town Stadium is located in a place called Green Point, where before the WC, was a Golf field and the old Green Point Stadium.
It’s almost 2500m far from the city centre.
clip_image010Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/125s │ f/5.7 │ ISO 80 │ 20.7mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/500s │ f/4.9 │ ISO 80 │ 16.3mm
Despite of The Fan Fest area organized in the city centre, the point for tourists was the Waterfront, a place where there are lots of good restaurants and shops, but in this place, you feel that you are in London, Paris, or other European country, not in South Africa.
Let’s go back to the main interest in this trip…the stadiums.
The Cape Town Stadium – Green Point -”African Reinassence Stadium – is an amazing structure!
Designed for almost 66000 spectators, the stadium was the main stage for important games, as the semi-final…
Unfortunately…the stadium pictures were in my stolen memory card…so have a look in a few city pictures.
Let me keep some more information for the next posts…Wine Valley…
clip_image016Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/500s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/125s │ f/9.1 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/350s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/250s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/90s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/350s │ f/3.5 │ ISO 80 │ 4.9mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/10s │ f/4.9 │ ISO 400 │ 16.3mm
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/180s │ f/9.1 │ ISO 180 │ 4.9mm
See you soon!
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    wow. nice photos! i like the view!

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