Samsung Smile Index in Austria :D

It turned out that people living in Vienna are the smile champion in Austria. This interesting result came from Samsung Smile Index.
A survey of the smile index was conducted by Samsung Electronics Austria and Peter Hajek, a renowned market researcher, in some of the main cities in Austria, September 2010.
Researchers installed 2 pieces of Samsung digital camera PL150(TL210) on the street nearby the traffic lights. When those who wait for the green light were smiling, one of the cameras took pictures and the other recorded the smiling people automatically in Smile shot mode.
Its result showed that the smile champion in Austria was placed in order as follows: Vienna, Graz, Eisenstadt, Salzburg, Klagenfurt etc.
And when it comes to the smile this study showed that women smile more than men in all regions. Let’s take a look at the chart below.
Gerald Reitmayr, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Austria, explained “With the Samsung Smile Index, we wanted to investigate not only the technology aspect but also the social and psychology components of theme ‘Smile’.”
About the digital camera Samsung PL150(TL210)
In addition to the Smile Shot Function, the new Samsung digital camera PL150(TL210) also has Dual Display. Thanks to the front additional display, PL150(TL210) is capable of the perfect self-portraits.
Click here to see the detailed information: Samsung Austria official site (German)

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  2. tengjane Says:

    that’s very interesting survey.. any way i like smile shot function!

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