Samsung @Photokina 2010!

Samsung EX1(TL500) l 1/350s l f/4.9 l ISO 80 l 16mm

The curtain is now raised. The world’s biggest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries, Photokina 2010, has started in Colonge, Germany and the fair has been scheduled until the 26th of the month.
Under the slogan of Imaging Is More, Photokina 2010 has become a grand festival with a variety of image-related areas including printing and information technology.
Samsung, with about 1700 square metres booth, has already surprised a countless number of visitors with many products. Especially the NX100, which was first introduced to the public through a showcase held in Hong Kong last week, has caught people’s attention with the world’s first, the i-Function Lens.
Behold Samsung at Photokina 2010!

Samsung NX10 l 1/60s l f/3.5 l ISO 100 l 30mm

Samsung EX1(TL500) l 1/750s l f/5.4 l ISO 200 l 16mm

Samsung NX10 l 1/50s l f/2.5 l ISO 100 l 30mm

Samsung NX10 l 1/45s l f/2 l ISO 200 l 30mm

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One Response to “Samsung @Photokina 2010!”

  1. farisha Says:

    i always want to attend the fair! i can see many diffrent type of camera.i can see that NX100 is the new medel from samsung

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