Samsung NX100, Stunning Photos in Seconds!

| September 13, 2010

Samsungimaging Youtube channel…

Why Capture? Create! NX100 Stunning Photos in Seconds.

Take a look at it with Jewelry designer Isis du Jour.

A Vision of insfiration – Elegant curve, refined beauty
– Stylish & Modern Design/Refined Curve

NX100 featured with i-Function Lens (iFn)!
-Exposure Value
-Shutter Speed
-White Balance

Perfect picture at your fingertips!

NX100, one push, makes it simple.

The NX100’s microsite has been opened that you can also experience i-Function lens. To visit the microsite, Please click here.…

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Thank you for watching!


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One Response to “Samsung NX100, Stunning Photos in Seconds!”

  1. joewin Says:

    it looks very nice.. wanna know more about this camera!

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