Samsung NX10

With the NX10, Samsung introduces an interchangeable lens camera format that, like Micro Four Thirds, does away with the mirror assembly used in SLRs. What Samsung has done differently from the Micro Four Thirds cameras offered by Olympus and Panasonic, though, is retain the APS-C size sensor used in most digital SLRs, instead of the smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is prone to higher image noise. They’re also introducing a new lens format, which means limited choices for the near future, at least.

Without a mirror, you don’t have an optical viewfinder. That means you line up your shots in Live View with the impressive 3-inch AMOLED display on the back, or use the electronic viewfinder for eye-level shooting. It also means the camera can be thinner than an SLR – the NX10 body is just 1.57 inches (39.8mm) deep. (The overall dimensions are 4.23 x 3.43 x 1.57 inches, 12.3 oz. /123 x 87 x 39.8mm, 353g).











In the Box


• Camera with body cap
• 18-55mm lens with lens cap, rear cap and lens shield
• Lithium-ion battery
• Battery charger
• Quick Start guide
• CD-ROM with software and full user manual
• USB cable

The camera kit doesn’t include a standard-definition AV output cable, an unfortunate omission..


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