IFA 2010

Samsung WB2000(TL350) │ 1/180s │ f/4.0 │ ISO 100 │ 4.0mm

On Friday IFA finally opened its gates for the 50th time, and we were at the location to deliver you with the hottest updates. Along with the EX1(TL500), which was awarded with this year’s EISA-award; WB2000(TL350), NX10 and the brand-new ST100, ST600, HMX-E10 and HMX-T10 were only a few of the products available for booth visitors.

Samsung WB2000(TL350) │ 1/30s │ f/2.8 │ ISO 400 │ 4.0mm

Samsung WB2000(TL350) │ 1/45s │ f/2.8 │ ISO 100 │ 4.4mm

However the greatest spotlight was reserved for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch touchpad and the new Galaxy Player 50, MID, both based on Android OS.

Samsung NX10 │ 1/60s │ f/4.5 │ ISO 200 │ 18.0mm

For a better understanding of our products, we’ve allocated a couple of product presentations.

Also look a take at the pictures.

If you’re eager to view more pictures from our booth, the exhibition or Berlin, check out our Flickr.


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