Crescent Island, Popular Place from “Out of Africa”


Inside Lake Naivasha – located at an hour’s drive from Nairobi – lies a beautiful crescent moon-shaped island.


Samsung WB1000(TL320) │ 1/350s │ f/7.5 │ ISO 80 │ 21.5mm

Just like its shape, the island is named “Crescent Island”. The island isn’t big, but is surely entitled to be called the most peaceful place on Earth.


Samsung WB1000(TL320) │ 1/1000s │ f/4.0 │ ISO 80 │ 4.3mm

To enter the island, you need to take a boat. Because water has dried in the Lake Naivasha, you can also get to the island by road, but then, what’s the fun? Approaching the island on boat is much more exciting.


Samsung WB1000(TL320) │ 1/1500s │ f/4.0 │ ISO 80 │ 4.3mm

You are greeted by a small sign that reads Crescent Island.


Samsung WB1000(TL320) │ 1/90s │ f/5.8 │ ISO 80 │ 21.5mm

This island gained popularity with the movie “Out of Africa”. It is also well known as the scene for the Tomb Raider that starred Angelina Jolie. The ancestors of the animals living here now were the ones relocated for the movie shooting. Then, the lake was deep that the animals were trapped on the island. But now, many animals escape the island by crossing the land.

This place is practically the one and only walking safari in Kenya. There are no carnivores that can harm humans. You may want to watch out for hippos, 3~4 meter long snakes and hyena that appear occasionally at night.


Samsung WB1000(TL320) │ 1/250s │ f/5.8 │ ISO 80 │ 18.9mm

However, this island breathes of wild life just like all the other national parks in Africa. This is the rough thorn of acacia tree that giraffes eat.


Samsung WB1000(TL320) │ 1/350s │ f/4.0 │ ISO 100 │ 4.3mm

The garden of a hotel located near the lake where I had delicious coffee right after the walking safari!

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