YouTube Featured Clips This week – Music and their life

Some people want to memory their lives in images or videos that could be their valuable in the future. Since human brain is not capable of storing many memories at once, many of us depend on image equipments such as cameras and camcorders. Let’s take a look at the record that has been filmed by our friend with a camera that is inseparable from our lives.

Document the life.

#1. The first video will joy our ears rather than present the beauty of visual. The well-known classic music, Canon, was played with a number of musicians with classic guitars. The play was filmed with WB2000(TL350) camera. Although the play is happening in indoor, we can still listen to the beautiful sound and harmony of guitars.


Samsung TL350/WB2000 Camera 1080p HQ Sample, Guitar Quartet: Canon in D

ID: TechJoeNo1

*Product: Samsung WB2000

*Set: full HD 1920 x 1080p HQ 30fps


The musicians has uploaded more of their performances on his website. Please feel free to visit.

#2. Here is a drum beat you may feel goose bumps all over your body. The beat was played by a Dutch band. In fact, the band members eat and sleep in the self-constructed car storage to practice their music. I admire their passions for their music. The camera was equipped with fisheye lens when filming.

Recording drums for my bands new EP

 ID: thewardrums

*Product: Samsung WB2000 + Raynox qc-303 fisheye lens

*Set: Macro mode


Please feel free to visit their channel, which includes more of their creative music.

#3. Let’s take a delightful musician on a street! This street musician is beloved by everyone in Belgium. You will probably be falling in love with his passion when you see the video.

Papy Blues

ID: Benheine channel

*Product: Samsung NX10

This special clip is from Ben Heine. If you guys wanna see more Ben Heine’s work, click here!

See more Samsung User’s video, visit here.

Meet Samsung friends on YouTube
TL350/WB2000: Jump to User Life

Thank you for watching!


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