YouTube Featured Clips This week: Super NX10

Every Tuesday and Thursday is the special day that you are able to meet people from across the world at Samsungimaging Youtube. You may call this day, “NX TUESDAY and Meet Samsung friends on THU”. Let’s give a closer look into the video that includes images that you have seen on our blog. You will find a lot of charming points of camera or camcorder.

Today, we are going to take a look at the NX10 Sample Video filmed by the Russian friend. Through 30mm lens, the outside world is so much clear and peaceful.

#1. Samsung NX10, тест видеорежима / Samsung NX video test

ID: ruprophotos
-Product: Samsung NX10 and 30mm lens

Friend said, “A video made by professional testing team ”

Secondly, let’s take a look at the photo taken by my Dutch friend. Although the object was a bit shaky, he did not lose the lens focus. As a result, the object on the photo shows the clear line and the form. Currently, the user is working for DIGIFOTO Pro Magazine as an editor. Now is the time to enjoy his work.

#2. Samsung NX10 Sample video

-Product: Samsung NX10 and 30mm lens
-Set: Samsung NX10 720p test video

Please let us know if you want to share a well-made video that is filmed with Samsung products. We believe that this will be the great opportunity for you to expose yourself and meet new friends from all over the county.

Thank you for watching!


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