How to use E10 at the party? Check out E10 microsite!


’s new pocket-sized camcorder HMX-E10 microsite – “Capture the excitement fom every angle” – has been launched.

HMX-E10 is highlighted by a versatile, 270-degree swiveling lens that enhances consumers’ creativity and allows them to add their own unique views to their video by being able to record from just about any angle. The microsite is also focused on its swiveling lens, pocket size, and full HD resolution video.

the site uniquely presents the following compents:

– Full HD movies (1 Main movie + 3 Episodes) show fun ways to use E10‘s swivel lens at Jessie’s House Party.

– Low resolution movies are also available on PVI for the countries with low-broadband internet access.

– Features with interactive flash give users better experience to navigate key features(Swivel lens, 2.7” touch LCD.)

– Photo Gallery, 360° View, Wall Papers, Screensavers Included

– Users can easily share the microsite & microsite videos via Facebook /Twitter share function on top.

To see what happened at Jessie’s party, visit


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One Response to “How to use E10 at the party? Check out E10 microsite!”

  1. shiyen Says:

    i’ve seen E10.. it’s tiny and slim!

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