Clay House 17. An Amazing Grasshopper Chef

Today I am going to introduce a special and funny character! A grasshopper who became chef! When I caught him, I always grabbed him from the top. So I couldn’t see his face clearly. But now I can tell his face is so long~~~ He likes to hop around as his name is a ‘grasshopper’, But don’t you think he can be a good chef as well? He got 6 arm to cook food! How convenient! And he cooked a spaghetti that I like the most in the world! A wonderful chef who can perform so well in kitchen, what do you think about his other talent? Let’s look forward to seeing his new face!

Let’s see how our favourite chef are made!

# Sketch

요리사 메뚜기 .wmv_000002233

This was first moment that he was created!

# Snap shots


……transforming to be a best chef……

# Complete

요리사 메뚜기 .wmv_000042199

Hi everyone! I am a ‘grasshopper chef’!
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