Visiting TOAE (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition)

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TOAE – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition – is one of the biggest event in Toronto. Exhibition happens every year in July at Nathan Phillips Square, where is in front of Toronto City Hall in downtown.
The truth is, I’ve never been there before till now for past 9 years in Canada.. Real reason that I paid to visit the exhibition was my friend who participated the exhibition this year. (Plus, it’s free! haha) She, Ivanne Binetruy, was one of my colleagues from college and now she’s trying to be a professional jewellery designer by her own. Even though she was the mother of two children, she was always passionated student at school and I had no doubt that she’ll be always the best in her profession field and now, here she is, representing her own works. 🙂
There were so many things to watch, but I visited Ivanne’s booth first to congrats her very first exhibition after graduated from school. 🙂
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/90s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
And guess what? She got ‘Jewellery Student Award’ from the exhibition! What did I say? She’s still the best student here, haha. (She graduated this year, but she was student when she applied for this exhibition.)
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/125s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
My personal favourite from her works: the ‘Diamond’ series on the left side and ‘Candy Child’ series on the right side. ‘Candy Child’ series are playful and brilliant too. Those colourful particles are actually children’s toy – sticky and easy to form so you can take it out from silver pendant or ring and change to other colour whenever you want. 🙂
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/125s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/125s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
When that little lady saw the ‘Candy Child’ series, she said “I have that toy too, I know this!” As a mother of two, Ivanne was good at handling children at the exhibition. Maybe I should learn from her sometime later.. Haha. Quick promotion here! Ivanne just opened her website so you can see her works at here: She’s currently in France – her home country – but will back in Canada after summer and do some more works so please keep visit the website if you are interested in customized unique jewellery. 🙂
After visiting her booth, I took personal time to look around the exhibition. So many interesting and amazing works caught my eye but I couldn’t take other booths’ photos due to the privacy issues. (I got permission from Ivanne for this of course. She said, “You know I like to share stuffs with people!”) However, I took some photos of view of the exhibitions.

ST1000(CL65) │ 1/180s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/250s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/180s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
Hope you could see how big this exhibition was. The tall building in the last photo is the new Toronto City Hall. The old one is just beside of this new building, across the road. That water is turning to the ice field in winter so people can enjoy skating here. 🙂
I spent more than 3 hours at the exhibition and later, seems like it’ll be raining so I decided to stay in the coffee shop for awhile to take some rest.
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/45s │ F3.6 │ ISO 320 │ 6.3mm
It was my first time wearing this shoes and to be honest, it was hard to take a long walk with this.. 😦 Still, I cannot let it stay at home because I love to wearing them. Actually when I took this photo, I remembered little saying from drama ‘Sex and the City’: “The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in single women shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then, to make the walk little more fun.”
Me? Yes, I’m single and maybe that’s why I’m so into this sentence.. 😉
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/180s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
About 10 minutes later I stayed in the cafe, it was raining as I expected.
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/45s │ F3.6 │ ISO 200 │ 6.3mm
This is the old city hall across the road. Personally, I like this building more than the new one. This photo was my first trial with ‘retro’ colour version from the camera and I kinda liked the colour. I think the colour matches good with this antique building. 🙂
Guess this would be my last post in this blog. I might come back later though, if I have something interesting that I want to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoyed my postings from this blog. 🙂
Bonus photo!
I’m sorry if any one of them see this photo and doesn’t like it but I couldn’t resist to take this shot because they were such a beautiful couple.
ST1000(CL65) │ 1/350s │ F3.6 │ ISO 80 │ 6.3mm
Hope they’re still having great time together… 🙂
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