Jumping Princess called Posuni and Seven Angels

Today Posuni is busy again. Because she tries jumping harder to get one more attention from us.
Let’s all advice to Posuni “Posuni~~~ you are going to hurt your joint~~~!!”
Let’s all watch her spectacular jumping which she does not give up at all the time!
[PL70 │ 15s │F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
Look~~~Once door is open, She has already got started!
First! Jump from left side!
[PL70 │ 1/15s │ F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
Now Jump from right side!!
Can u see the other friends who don’t jump?
[PL70 │ 1/15s │ F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
Of course, She must jump from the middle, too!
[PL70 │ 1/15s │ F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
LOL are not you wondering of her face?
Yes Posuni is pretty princess.
This time, I am gonna introduce Seven Angels who all together got rescued at one time.
[PL70 │ 1/15s │ F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
These darlings always run into us when we go to work.
And they bark at us with the most wonderful sounds!
Why were you late..Please open door faster..We are hungry hungry”¦
Feels like they are talking like that.
[PL70 │ 1/15s │ F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
These boys were found where their house was not suitable for them to live.
They have not been eating well so they become crazy when they see food ^^;;
One thing I am proud of them is they stick to each other at all time.
I guess it is because they have gone through tough time together.
No matter how many cushions I give them, they only sleep in one cushion.
Amazingly, Now Seven of them are in one cushion,too.
[PL70 │ 1/15s │ F3.4 │ ISO 400 │ 5.0mm │ Program Auto]
Sometimes one who couldn’t breathe well goes out from their territory LOL.
Until one day they may get separated, we are going to do our best for them to take care of each other! LOVE YOU, Angels~~~~~
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One Response to “Jumping Princess called Posuni and Seven Angels”

  1. kenny Says:

    wow so cute they are!! can catch every expression of puppy!

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