Interview with imagelogers, 2nd Story – Daniel Kulinski, a Real Talented

NX10 │ 1/30s │ F2.0 │ ISO 200 │ 30mm
Daniel Kulinski is one of the first Samsung imagelogers. It has been almost one year since Daniel has raised his passion for photography through the relationship with Samsung. When Samsung first met Daniel, he even hadn’t a camera for himself. He had been used to take shots with a camera of his brother, Samsung Pro815. But how his pictures were impressive, Samsung didn’t hesitate to offer him a camera, Samsung WB1000, only for himself. Since the day, Daniel has always surprised us with his shape talent and artistic feeling. And he has been provided a Samsung NX10 afterwards. Today, he has started to shot with a Samsung EX1.
Daniel is a father, husband, and, what we can obviously say today, an excellent photographer. Whoever facing his pictures appreciates hidden charms of the ordinary life. These are tenacious gratitudes for the life and, at the same time, simple contemplations in the life. Daniel shows them us in a clear way. He has a kind of humor that makes people fall in love with his pictures. He is effectively a rough gemstone that has been found by chance and carved by itself. We are really enjoying his works, seeing how he progresses with courage. Bravo, Daniel !
Here are three nice pictures of Daniel. Let’s enjoy !

NX10 │ 1/60s │ F5.6 │ ISO 400 │ 100mm

NX10 │ 0.3s │ F2.2 │ ISO 100 │ 30mm
NX10 │ 1/250s │ F2.2 │ ISO 1600 │ 30mm
To see more photos of Daniel, please visit his Flickr.
We interviewed him with a couple of interesting questions. Here are the answers from Daniel.
Q. Please freely introduce yourself.
A. My name is Daniel, I’m not the youngest – I’m 33 years. I live in Warsaw, Poland. Professionally, I work for the Polish Post in the IT section, Network and Application Monitoring. This means we are spying the Internet – So I’m a bad guy. My family is wife Agatha, daughter Natasha, and a dog – Courtney, English bulldog. Who knows, maybe soon you will see one more person. And my hobby is, at present, the photography. Due to my work and child, my beloved sport has to wait me for now. In fact, I am addicted of BJJ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For the moment, my stomach is growing instead of my muscles.
Q. We are seeing on your every single post your lovely daughter “Natasha”, can you tell us more about her?
A. Natasha is 5 months now. She is very lively child. She is now shouting at the parents, annoyed if something she wants isn’t gotten, learns to sit down. Crawling is already learned. And she likes carrot and pumpkin soup.
Q. In your opinion, what kind of profession does Natasha will go for? We saw her playing with the NX10, wouldn’t you mind if Natasha’s going to be a photographer?
A. Currently hard to say what will she do in the future. (I hope that she will be famous soon because she promised me a Mercedes!) Actually she takes my camera, loves playing on the TV with a remote control. She loves to sing in the middle of night, shout to strangers on the street, and then she is just happy a lot.
Q. We know you love to take shots of Natasha, are there any other interesting subjects you like to capture when you photography?
A. I love “macro” and “close up” photography. Unfortunately, I lack macro lens. Of course, I have an old camera, Samsung Pro815, which has a super macro function, but since I have NX10, it is hard for me to use the old equipments. I would love taking macro shots with NX10 even if it needs some other combinations and additional lens. But no problem, because I have a special technique to make a macro lens from a normal lens. I like also “abstract” images of ordinary objects.
Q. You seem like be a real big fan of Samsung‘s digital cameras. Could you talk about what amazing experiences you have gotten with your Samsung cameras?
A. Actually came out, so I’m a fan of Samsung. Why? In fact, this was by a conscious choice. I had wanted to buy a DSLR camera. As all we know, the body is not expensive, but the largest costs come from their lenses. I came to the conclusion that I need a big camera with a big zoom and DSLR-like features. And the choice had fallen on the Samsung Pro815 which so far works flawlessly. WB1000, compared to the Pro815 is a milestone. Of course, it is hard to directly compare these two cameras. However, I see a huge progress that has made Samsung. When I got WB1000, I was a little disappointed all a few minutes 🙂 but when I go out I bring it with me. Actually, my wife took it and that’s the end of the camera because she did not give it back to me. Then, NX10 and EX1 are already very advanced, which should satisfy most people not just amateurs. In my opinion, if anyone knows how to take pictures will also realize the potential of the NX10 and EX1. If Samsung makes some other fast lens and a little more correct firmware, NX10 will mark a really big career in the domain of photography.
Q. You shoot really gorgeous pictures in the street. We imagine you going out everywhere with your best friend, Samsung NX10. What does the NX10 mean for you?
A. That’s right. The camera is always in my backpack ““ now, I have two cameras and three lenses 🙂 NX10 has a brilliant mobility. It is Compact, light, and fast. With the 30mm is absolutely sensational. If there were more lens like 30mm – dream !
Q. Please show us your favorite picture made with.


Someone fell asleep │
NX10 │ 1/50s │ F4.3 │ ISO 400 │ 37mm
I have a lot of favorite pictures, but this is one of the last.
Q. What is your next plan as a father and as an amateur photographer?
A. As a father and husband, I have to support my family, so this is my biggest plan. As an amateur photographer, I want to improve skills and gain new experiences. I would gladly go to some advanced courses, but it unfortunately is costly affair. So I’m looking for competitions and will try to take part of them. But competitions are not easy. I also have dreams… The biggest one is to live in Portugal over the ocean. I want to travel, too. My familly loves to discover interesting places. Since long ago we has wanted to see the Far East countries such as: Korea, Thailand, China, and others. Dreams come true sometimes, so maybe one day…
Q. Please give a message to all blog visitors.
A. Taking pictures is difficult but possible. You just need to know basis and later do, do and do it. Posting pictures on sites are good for this purpose. Do not be afraid of criticism, in this way you will know what is right and wrong. A negative opinion may not discourage you, just the opposite has to motivate you. I always wanted to get the opportunity to thank all who read “my posts” in Samsung Imaging Blog. And special thanks to Samsung and the relative persons.


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