Cyber Lions Winner at Cannes 2010 ‘Nonja’ and…

The most famous orangutan in the world ‘Nonja’ is now the winner of two fabulous awards. It’s not even the first time Nonja won the marketing awards. Check the previous article about her here.
Samsung Electronics Austria has proudly announced that marketing idea of Samsung ST1000(CL65) with Nonja has won Silver Cyber Lions at the Cannes Lions(Category: Community Applications).
The International Advertising Festival – Cannes Lions – is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications. As the most prestigious international annual advertising awards, over 24,000 entries from all over the world are showcased and judged at the Festival.
The followings are extracts from the original article of Cannes Lions.
Samsung needed a strong marketing idea to launch the ST1000(CL65), a digital camera that can upload pictures directly to facebook and is really easy to use. The budget available? Less than 50,000 USD. We wanted to prove the easy handling to the Facebook users by giving the camera to Nonja, an orangutan in the national zoo to take and upload pictures. The world’s first ape on facebook became a world wide phenomenon. Over 80’000 fans joined her account in just six weeks. The international press cover age was worth over 7 Mill. USD.”
In addition, Samsung’s Nonja project has won the ADC*E(Art Director Club of Europe) awards as Gold level of Web & use of media, in July.
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ADC*E is the only Awards scheme in the world to bring all the European award winning work from the national schemes into one competition. Once submitted, the work is judged by a panel of over 50 top creatives, a wonderful opportunity for European professionals from advertising, design, editorial, illustration, film, new media and photography to come together and highlight their country’s creativity.
ADC*E is an association of European Creative Clubs. Its aim is to foster and reward creative excellence in European design and advertising, and this is why every year it takes place the ADC*E Awards -Best of European Design and Advertising.

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