Season #2 Coming Soon!

After 2 months of massive planning, designing and programming, we’re finally set to launch our new blog on Monday, 26. July 2010.

Along with changes in design and code, we heavily focused on the social elements of the blog, adding web-known standarts such as “Sharing” or “Facebook Auth”.

We also received a lot of feedback from users, who were struggling to find certain functions on the site. In order to respond on this matter, we also decided to restructure major parts of the blog.

Furthermore, another aspect was speed. We expect our new blog to be much faster and responsive.

Well, to cut a long story short, you can expect a new and, foremost, refreshing new edition!
Below, we’ve added a sneak preview of the new design!




Remark: Depending on your area, the site might not be accessible for around 48 hours. For regular updates, make sure to check our Twitter!


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