Crosby, again! Take a tour a LUSH LIFE in the LES!

The Youngest Mayor of the Lower East Village’ Crosby, aka Crosmopolitan aka Bling Crosby, takes us on a guided tour of the galleries participating in the Lush Life LES project. The venues collaborated to present art inspired by Richard Price’s novel ‘Lush Life.’


LUSH LIFE is an exhibition in nine chapters inspired by the Richard Price novel.

Crosby, today, is a one-day curator and will be show the art and people in the gallery! Check out!



Enjoy clips by chapter!

# Chapter 1 @0:51 l Whistle – Sue Scott Gallery l Crosby,what did you drink? :p

# Chapter 7 @2:40 l Wolf tickets – Salon94

# Chapter 9 @3:30 l She’ll be Apples – Eleven Rivington

# Chapter 4 @4:00 l Let it die – Lehman Maupin

# Chapter 2 @5:14 l LIAR – On Stellar Rays

# Chapter 8 @5:42 l 17 Plus 25 IS 32 – Scaramouche

# Chapter 3 @6:13 l First Bird(A few Butterflies) – Invisible-Exports

# Chapter 6 @7:09 l The Devil You know – Collette Blanchard Gallery

FYI, LUSH LIFE in the LES go on June 17 – August 13, 2010. The show consists of 60 artists presented in nine Lower East Side (LES) galleries. Follow LUSH LIFE on facebook.

Music: “No Bodegas” by Crosby featuring Homeboy Sandman.

For more info on Crosby, please visit

Movie uploaded from Samsung Intelli-studio


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