NX10 + 30mm lens = Nice results

One of the greatest things about NX10 is that it alleviates the discomfort caused by the size and the weight of DSRL camera. But what’s even better is the pancake lens! Along with the small size, the blue line –which resembles the symbol of Samsung- around the pancake lens adds fresh look to NX10. Today, along with 30mm lens, I’m going to talk about Contrast AF.
NX10 adopted the Contrast AF method so that the sensor can judge the exposed definition (sharpness) of the image by itself, reducing the number of errors, thus enabling faster AF. In easier terms, any one who is reading this post would definitely have noticed that the mirror box and the pentaprism is bravely removed. That’s why much of the volume and weight is gone.
Then, let’s take a look at sample pictures taken with 30mm lens and let yourself be captivated by its charm.
NX lens_06
NX10 30mm lens l 1/45s l F2.0 l ISO 100 l AWB l Program
NX10 30mm lens l 1/13s l F22.0 l ISO 200 l AWB l Shutter priority
NX lens_07
NX10 30mm lens l 1/13s l F2.0 l ISO 800 l –1.60EV l Shutter priority
When you take pictures with 30mm lens, it particularly demonstrates its charm in snap shots, stills and portraits. There is no problem is in using 30mm for most of the shoots including outdoors except for close ups. Although there is no optical image stabilizer, as mentioned above, it prides in its cutting-edge sharpness so you can achieve great results in places that lack sunlight.
NX lens_03
NX10 30mm lens l 1/13s l F22.0 l ISO 800 l –1.60EV l Shutter priority
NX10 30mm lens l 1/60s l F22.0 l ISO 800 l –2.00EV l Shutter priority
NX lens_04
NX10 30mm lens l 1/13s l F3.2 l ISO 800 l –1.60EV l Shutter priority
Pancake lens is very useful in taking portraits because you are able to freely express with selective focus. It’s not easy to take pictures of children with ordinary digital camera because they have a lot of movement. I’m sure you have experienced a subtle blur in end results. However, pancake lens which prides in F2.0 will add excitement in shooting because like its characteristic as fast lens, it emphasizes the portrait and blurs the background and easily captures fast movement. If you are a NX10 user, make sure to give a shot at taking portraits. Franly to speak, I didn’t prepare sample shots of portrait. Sorry for that. :((
# Sample video
When shooting videos, 18-55mm lens is a bit better in terms of speed and accuracy, but 30mm lens also delivers excellent results.
Check out another sample video from YouTube.
FYI, Samsung NX10 720p test video. User ID: DIGIFOTOpro
The pictures that I shared today are mostly taken under indoor dark lightning. People take as many pictures indoors as outdoors, but it is true that we have to pay more attention to the light. I hope the sample pictures can be a bit of a help to people with similar problems. Of course, taken in or out, the results were all satisfying. 😀
If there is anyone reluctant to take pictures due to the fear of burning sunlight, let’s have fun taking pictures of daily items that are relatively easy to compose.
Pancake By Pancake lens!
NX lens_05
NX10 30mm lens l 1/125s l F2.0 l ISO 100 l –0.60EV l Program
NX10 + 30mm lens = Nice results


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