Good at Macro Shooting – NX10 18-55mm Bundle Lens

History begins.


Experience the charming.

More vivid with the AMOLED

The 18-55mm bundle lens has a compact size with OIS, so it prevents hand blur.

While zooming, the barrel is protruded, so in design, it’s not that good for me.

The compact design of 200mm telephoto angle is quite impressive.

Of course, in order to use the 200mm, the length of the lens increases twice.

I think the 30mm pancake is the best with the NX10.

The best lens with great mobility, quality, and depth expression for the NX10.

*This review was written before the official launch of the NX10.

Most of all, this review is neither about mechanical performance nor specifications. As a user, I just wanted to talk about the camera. I didn’t even consider talking about noise, quality, and something like that, because there are a lot of professional users out there. Let me just talk about my personal feelings.

Most of the sample shots are also personal pictures. Instead, other users will show you a lot of samples.

When I touched the NX10 first, I thought “Oh, it’s so compact!”. With the 30mm pancake lens mounted, it was so cute. My girl friend and women colleagues showed their big interests in this camera.

Due to my job, I used to take out the DSLR in a big bag, but I could just put the NX10 in the bag. It was so nice.

Especially, it’s great when I traveled. It can also record 720p movie, so with the NX10, I wouldn’t need any others. Remembering the time in Thailand with the DSLR, 50mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm to take great shots last year, the NX10 should have been released last year.

I really wanted to go to Japan with the NX10 to take shots of Tokyo. Rather than taking a lot of equipment with a DSLR, I just want to travel with it.

I think the NX10 would be a great partner for memories not just for pictures. Of course, it also can leave great pictures. I don’t need other lenses, but the pancake lens.

Speaking of which, I think the 30mm pancake lens is the most suitable and greatest lens of the NX10. As you are already ware of, the 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses are a protruding type, so they are not as great as the pancake lens, even though it’s inevitable for high zooming lenses. I personally used the NX10 with the pancake lens mounted to enjoy the compact size for the most. However, the 18-55mm and 50-200mm lenses are also very slim and light lenses, so it’s not a big burden compared to DSLRs.

As I already experienced once with the WB1000, the AMOLED screen is one of the greatest things. If it has a movie play function, it’s also great to store movies and watch them. I’m going to test it. The AMOLED is incomparably greater than other LCD screens, I think. Viewing angle? It doesn’t even matter with the AMOLED.

I like that I don’t need to hide sunlight to review the shots. I hope the AMOLED will be installed in all the cameras. However, the EVF is automatically activated when I put my eyes on. Sometimes, it’s convenient, but I think it could have been better if there was an On/Off function.

One more thing I liked was Beauty Shot for beginners like me, because I don’t like use Photoshop to edit pictures. This is a great function for girl friends.

Moreover, it has most of the convenient functions to take good shots such as Smart Auto and Scene mode which were supported for Samsung compact cameras. I just can give the camera to my girl friend and set it to Smart Auto to take shots without saying a word.

There were some insufficient things. Personally, the arrangement and composition of the buttons were a little awkward. The menu button is located on the left top alone, so I just tried to find the button for a few seconds. The location of the menu button is a mistake, I think. It should have been better, if located next to Fn button.

Given the whole things, I think the NX10 is an impressive camera enough to be an issue.

The NX10 will be able to make me enjoy taking shots again. It makes me want to travel to take a shot. There’s something about the NX10. The NX10 will make me feel the moment I enjoyed take shots with a compact camera.

After an experience for a month, as a user, I’d like to tell you that this camera would be a great choice to take shots expressing me not just taking great shots.

*Samples have not been compensated. I wish I could have shown you more samples.



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