Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara is the unparalled animal kingdom in Kenya. Over the period of June to October, more than a million wildebeest cross the Mara River to reach Tanzania. These pictures were taken at early June, which is a bit early, but Maasai Mara promises spectacular view all year round.
For the night, I rented a tent that costs a little over $600. Those visiting here for the first time, the sound of hyena and lions crying are sure to steal their good night’s sleep. The tent is equipped with a classy shower room, bathroom and desk.
Now- driving time! Thomson’s Gazelle and zebras pass right by. A few animals that fell behind their herd. Deeply wounded male are left to die as they are no longer capable of hunting. However, female can mate with a new male to build a new family and herd.

[Samsung WB1000(TL320) 1/1500sㅣf/3.6ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]
Male lion, not bothered an inch by the sight of tourists lying idly on the grass as if the bushes were its home. In fact, male lions spend of their time sleeping. Thus, sleeping lions is a familiar sight.
[Samsung WB1000(TL320) 1/1500sㅣf/5.6ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]
This is Sand River where the wildebeest will cross. It’s full of water now, but the water diminishes in July and August and reveals the bottom of the river made of sand – thus the name “Sand River”.
[Samsung WB1000(TL320) 1/1500sㅣf/4.0ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]
Mara River finds itself on the upper region of the Sand River. This is where the famous crossing of the wildebeest takes place. The river is fraught with alligators and hippos.
The hippos living in the Mara River are especially charming. Mostly nocturnal, they stay in the water during the day time to control their temperature and come out at night to much on grass. Spotting hippos biting wildebeest to death, people tend to think that hippos eat wildebeest, but this is not true. Hippos cannot digest carnivores of that size. It’s simply that they bite them to death because they are angry for having their territory invaded.
[Samsung WB1000(TL320) 1/1000sㅣf/4.0ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]
Sausage tree.
[Samsung WB1000(TL320) 1/1000sㅣf/4.0ㅣISO 100ㅣ4.3mm]
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All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung WB1000(TL320), which has been provided by Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.


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