Interview with imagelogers, 1st Story – Ben Heine, a Belgian Artist



Benjamin Heine is one of impressive artists heating up internet world. The most recent art project “Pencil Vs Camera” is really brilliant one, has contributed to stamp his name on numerous art fans’ mind. At first, he had started to attract public’s attention as a cartoonist, illustrator, painter strongly reminding of Belgian Surrealism, American Pop art and German expressionism. He had participated in book covers and illustrations for popular authors, collaborated with some of magazines and papers in Europe. He has been frequently holding exhibitions in several art spaces in Brussels where people appreciate his artworks in an atmosphere more intimate than online.

But how lucky we are to be able to experience Ben’s every new update just by clicking a few times on his website, blog and his Flickr. Here is some of “Pencil Vs Camera” series elaborated with a Samsung NX10 which is provided to him by Samsung Digital Imaging. Through these artworks, we can observe not only his photography talents, but also his sketching skills and gifted humor that draw amazing themes of life from his optimistic view.

Let’s enjoy Ben’s famous work, “Pencil Vs Camera” created by a Samsung NX10.



To see more pictures, please visit Ben’s Flickr.

We had a short online interview with Ben. Here are the questions and answers for people who are curious about him.

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

A. I’m a Belgian visual creator. I was born in Ivory Coast in 1983 and I now live and work in Brussels. I studied graphic arts and sculpture and I also have a degree in journalism although I’ve never really worked in that field. I currently have a part time job in the associative sector but I spend most of my time and energy at my personal artistic projects. I recently co-founded with my associate and agent a new art gallery called “The Artistery”.

Q. When did you start taking photos and what mostly influenced your motivation?

A. Photography has always interested me but I started taking pictures more seriously in 2006. Before 2006, I’ve mainly been working as a painter and illustrator. The photos of Gilad Benari are really those that gave me loads of ideas and motivation to start my own photo projects. It took months, even years before any of them received some good attention.

Q. Which object you like to focalize on when you take shots?

A. My favourite sources of inspiration in photography are nature and countryside. I just love fields, wild animals, empty spaces and paths with huge vanishing points. I’m also interested in architecture, urban landscapes, skyscrapers, massive buildings (I know it’s quite the opposite of the nature and countryside themes but I still love it because there are many things to express with it). I intend soon to have a more social approach and to focus on people, taking for instance close up portraits of random persons in their usual environment.

Q. Please describe how your experiences are as a Samsung Imageloger.

A. I honestly feel really proud about it. I consider it a privilege. “Imageloger” (fusion of “image” and “blogger”) is quite the perfect description for me as I’ve been an active blogger since 2005 and also a passionate and prolific image creator since I’m a kid. I’ve always believed that any kind of successful communication is achieved with a subtle combination of textual and visual contents.

When I received the proposal to be supported as an imageloger, I was directly very excited and willing to discover Samsung Imaging’s latest gear and technologies. This is a totally new experience and I’m still discovering the NX10 I received. I’m very happy with its graphic results, its powerful sensor and other particular functions. I’ve for instance always wanted to get more inner quality in my photos, less grain and noise, more details, etc… And this is what I have now thanks to my new Samsung camera. I also enjoy its pleasant interface and its easy portability.

Q. Are there any changes in your life after you have been an imageloger?

A. Not yet, but I’m sure the best is to come and there will certainly be some major changes in my life. All I can say right now is that Samsung technologies have already allowed me to take photos with better quality and reach innovative visual effects in a new graphic matrix.

Q. Please show us the favourite one from your pictures made by NX10.


Symphony l NX10 l 1/125s l F11.0 l ISO 100 l 55mm

A. The photo I prefer so far is “Symphony”, a black and white image I captured with the NX10 in the Belgian countryside, near Rochefort. The original shot was gorgeous but I’ve still heavily edited it to get the tones and contrasts I exactly wanted.

Q. What is the next plan for your life and for your photography?

A. After “Pencil Vs Camera“, I will be working on new creative series. I already have 3 different subjects in mind but I’d rather not reveal them yet. Travel is one of my priorities. I always want to move as far and a long as I can.

Q. Please give a message to all who are reading this.

A. I hope they will be able to fulfil all their goals and dreams in their professional and private life. I wish them luck and success and I thank them for reading this interview till the end.


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