Travel to Tokyo with the NX10, Chapter 2

Travel to Tokyo with the NX10, Chapter 2

After the hard schedule of the first day, we could arrive at a hotel at 10 o’clock PM. I felt like I marched again in the army. Fortunately, we had only one small bag. And the light NX10 was very good. Anyway, let me start the second day. I thought this would be a little better, because it didn’t start from the dawn.


With an ice cream, we started.

In order to move to Kinja, we took a subway, and there was no man to control.

I took shots at the very front. I felt like I was driving or playing a game.






One shot in a subway


We arrived at Kinja! Was it WACO department store? One shot!


It was different from Harajuku and Sibuya in scale. It was like New York.



This department store was also great. Matsuya Kinja? We didn’t go inside.



They were from a broadcasting station, I thought.





We decided to have ramen for lunch, but we didn’t have any information.

We just entered one.


Greasy Japanese ramen



I enjoyed a dessert. It was not bad.


At 12 o’clock, people took the broad road instead of cars.


Korean Movie ‘Old Partner’ was being played.



We moved to the next place Asakusa by subway.


It was Asakusa! Personally, I liked this place the most.


Huge Japanese light (I don’t remember the name.)


There were a lot of souvenir shops and eating places, so I really enjoyed them.

We liked this place more than luxurious shopping centers.





Delicious foods.


Huge crowed people. I enjoyed walking around in the huge crowd.





There was a temple inside. There was also a huge light.




I thought people visit this place for desiring something.

We just watched this place at some distance.


There were huge people, because it was Sunday. Not only tourists, but also local people.


Fortune telling… If it was bad, they just hung it here, as I heard.





After Asakusa, we went to a dock to go to Odaiba.





Today was so tired. She is also very tired.



We finally arrived at Odaiba.




We looked around Tokyo Dex. It was the reproduction place of old Japan.


Rainbow bridge was great. We had to take this.





We arrived at Vinus Port. It’s famous for artificial sky.

In Makao, Benechian is located, and probably the same company made both of them.

However, Benechian in Makao were bigger and prettier.



After having light dinner in Vinus Port, we went to the last destination Ooedo spa.


Let’s jump in!




There were a lot of restaurants, arcade centers, and places to enjoy.



I was wearing Yukata here. I felt like I was Japanese. Everyone looked like Japanese.



Children enjoyed games.


People enjoyed drinking and eating.


I played a short game.


After finishing the entire schedule, it was Haneda Airport.

We had some lunch box. It was short, but I felt quite long and tired.

However, I would remember this forever and could take a lot of pictures.

I hoped someday I would make another memory.





It was short, but pleasing travel to Japan with the NX10. Thanks to the great mobility of the NX10, I could finish the entire schedule. I believed that It was great enough to take snap shots, so I could just select this camera.


Pictures taken by the 18-55mm under daylight were sharp and neat, so I was really satisfied while reviewing. However, the AMOLED screen used to overestimate the pictures, so sometimes I was disappointed at the real pictures in the monitor. I thought it was too good.


However, the worst thing was the Auto White Balance. Personally, I think under a yellow light, yellow pictures have to be taken in accurate white balance, but they were too yellow to be comfortable with the pictures without compensation.


When taking night scenery shots, I usually set it to Night scenery mode, and most of them were satisfactory.


I really think the NX10 is a great camera for a travel. It can also take 720p movie.




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One Response to “Travel to Tokyo with the NX10, Chapter 2”

  1. jackie Says:

    i also think that NX1o is great for travel and should bring for taking photos.

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