Sense of Life


WB1000(TL320) 1/90s l F7.2 l ISO 80 l 4mm

Life is like a hesitation staying between a feeling of expectancy and a feeling of lack. Sense of accomplishment is something certainly understandable, but barely practicable. It seems that only the brave ancestors and young lovers in twenty centuries know how to walk a tightrope tied up from the balance of hesitation. Universe has totally obtained the guarantee to exist by amplifying its vibration. Humans are born since the relevant days, and the great quantum string goes on to keep the existence trembling.

All the things we decide to drop off on such petty surface of the earth will always remain on the tightrope where sense of life survives. We just walk on the line like archeologists who have sought for decades for borns and patterns in vestiges of ancient civilization destroyed. Tiny slopes on the string will always be a pleasure. But we also are conscious that living the life is not one of the first choices should be done since the birth, because more the enthusiasm is incarcelated, more the sensation of live takes place.


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