Experience London nightscapes from the sky with Jason Hawkes and the Samsung EX1(TL500)

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, has partnered with leading aerial photographer Jason Hawkes to capture the artistic brilliance of London and its famous landmarks from above after dark, using Samsung EX1(TL500).

Hawkes, an award-winning photographer who has explored the world taking aerial shots from a helicopter, has shot a number of dramatic city night scenes over the last twenty years and partnered with Samsung to test the EX1(TL500)’s performance in these extreme conditions. The project, called ‘Samsung Nightscapes’, sees images of familiar, well-loved locations around the British capital, taken from a helicopter, being brought to life. The results of the project – Hawkes’ images and opinions on the EX1(TL500) – can be viewed here.

The launch of the Samsung Nightscapes collection coincides with the opening of consumer sales of the EX1(TL500), which is now available to buy in stores across the world. The 10 mega-pixel EX1(TL500), as a high-end compact digital camera designed specifically for today’s advanced and enthusiast photographers, is the new flagship model of the company’s extensive compact digital camera range.

Hawkes commented: “I’ve always loved taking aerial shots of urban landscapes – the perspective and layout that of a city that you see from the air is a totally different story from that on the ground, and shooting at night means that you can get the most dramatic images.”

He continued: “The EX1(TL500) is a very impressive and intuitive compact camera, with a great build. It has a remarkable set of features, such as the bright f/1.8 Schneider lens, which would be valuable for any photography enthusiast, and I was pleased to be able to test the extent of its capabilities during the low-light conditions on the shoot. The swivelling AMOLED screen on the back of the camera is a great feature, and proved useful in the helicopter during the shoot. And finally, the ability to work with RAW files was also a real bonus for a camera within this category – until now this has often remained within the domain of the pro models.”

Mr. Sang Jin Park, President of the Digital Imaging Business at Samsung Electronics, added: “We are thrilled to make the EX1(TL500) available to consumers and to celebrate this landmark product for the industry. This camera offers easy-to-use yet unparalleled features, such as its ultra-wide angle and notable speed. These, combined with the advanced nature of the lens, make it easy to take brilliant and better pictures with the EX1(TL500).”

For blur‑free images, the EX1(TL500)’s lens is also paired with Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilization technology. Plus, the EX1(TL500)’s three-inch, swivelling AMOLED screen and rotating AMOLED display will allow photographers to precisely frame their images the way they want and shoot from just about any angle, including overhead or low-to-the-ground shots – both perfect for when travelling by helicopter!

Our story has not yet finished. See more fabulous shots from that night, here.


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One Response to “Experience London nightscapes from the sky with Jason Hawkes and the Samsung EX1(TL500)”

  1. etan Says:

    wow. the images are really sharp!!

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