[NX10] 30mm F2.0 lens review

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Let’s take a look at the 30mm F2.0 pancake lens of the NX10. It’s the most suitable lens of the NX10 and has the greater mobility and quality than I expected. This is made by Samsung’s own technology. That’s why I’ve been worried about the performance of this lens. However, everyone was surprised at the performance. It has 85g of weight and the great quality in F2.0, and I think it’s the greatest pancake lens I’ve ever seen. Not only for image shooting, but also for movie recording by supporting AF, it’s more convenient to shoot.


3 lenses have been released together with the NX10, and I like the 30mm pancake lens the most. Like the picture, when it comes to mobility, it’s almost as great as normal compact cameras. It has relatively fast AF speed, and when using AF, the inside barrel slightly moves. There have been a lot of review regarding the performance and specifications of the 30mm pancake lens and NX10, so I’d like to review with samples rather than them.

Most of the samples were not compensated, but only resized. A little brightness adjustment or sharpness +1 was sometimes applied.

The 30mm pancake lens is especially great for portrait shots, and it can also be used for portrait, objects, and snaps, and the results are so pleasing. When shooting in macro mode, the 18-55 bundle lens is used, but most of the shootings can be done with the 30mm. Even though it doesn’t supports IS function, it can also take great shots under low light condition with F2.0 and great sharpness.

Especially, since the pancake lens can easily blur out the background, it’s very useful for portrait shots. It’s not easy to take shots of children indoors with low light. Therefore, blurry pictures were taken, but the pancake lens can blur out the background and focus on the portraits. It can also capture fast movement. When in portrait mode, I was fully satisfied with the pancake lens.

I took food shots the most with the NX10. Because I could easily take food shots without hand blur, I took a lot of yummy food shots. The NX10 takes shots little yellow, but by adjusting White Balance, I could handle that. In Auto white balance, by setting B+1 or B+2, I could prevent yellow shots.

The shortest shooting distance 25cm

One thing I couldn’t be fully satisfied with was the shooting length. There was not much problem for snap shots, but actually it’s a little insufficient. For macro shots, the 18-55 lens in maximum telephoto angle was convenient.

If the length had been 10cm or something, it could have been used for all. However, there was rarely inconvenience to take snap shots with the pancake lens.

Personally, I enjoy taking patterns. They sometimes made me a little dizzy, but they gave me some special feeling when I took them. Below, I will go over the pancake lens with the snap shots taken by the lens..

I was usually pleased with the pancake lens, but there was also some weakness. It’s the AF performance relatively lower than the 18-55 lens. The AF speed and accuracy should have been better than the standard lens, I think. The absence of IS function was also one of the weakness, but there was no inconvenience for snap shots caused by hand blur.

I prefer the patterns and lights as a subject. Especially, various lights are one of the east subjects to take, because I could easily see them anywhere. Unlike a normal auto digital camera, various shootings are available in manual mode. Of course, by using Program mode and Auto mode properly, various subjects can be taken with various feelings.

It has great sharpness and less distortion. Since its compact design and great performance, I always carry the NX10 + 30mm like a cell phone. Previously, when I used a big DSLR, it wasn’t easy to carry, but now I enjoy taking shots comfortably with the NX10. I’m going to upload pictures taken in a travelog, so I uploaded shots in a dark café. I could get pleasing results both indoors and outdoors. I strongly recommend this.


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