[NX10] 18-55mm OIS bundle lens review

NX10 Standard Zoom Lens 18-55mm

Let’s take a look at the 18-55mm OIS bundle lens. I think the NX10 users use this lens the most. At the moment, there are 3 lenses released for the NX10, and this 18-55mm lens is provided ad as bundle. As a bundle lens, it can be used for various purposes. It has a small size, and supports 3x optical zoom with IS function, so it’s good for snap, travel, and simple Macro shots.

At this time, I’m going to review it with focusing on the pictures taken by the NX10+18-55mm. Let’s take a look at the appearance first.

This lens is not as big, but compared to the 30mm pancake lens, it looks a little bigger. However, looking at the lens itself, it’s quite good and well balanced with the NX10. IS button and AF/MF button are located next to the lens. 58mm filter can be attached.

At the moment, the filter for the NX10 lenses has been released. It’s a little expensive, but since everyone was satisfied with the filter, I’m going to review it later.

The design is quite elegant. Looking at other bundle lenses, they looked so cheap in their design. Therefore, there was some designing point like line tape in some bundle lenses, but this product is so neat and simple.

It’s the maximum telephoto angle with the barrel coming out. Because I got used to the pancake lens, it looked unbalanced, but actually not. It’s very smooth when zooming. It also has great AF performance.

The lens is being attached to the NX10. When the pancake lens is attached, it looks small, and with the 18-55mm lens, it looks well balanced. Because the lens is also quite light, shooting can be easily done with one hand with the lens being attached.

The aperture consists of 7 blades with 14 bladed stars. Compared with the F2.0 pancake lens, it’s difficult to secure the shutter speed under low light condition. However, with proper setting, there was not much inconvenience for indoor shooting. The bundle lens works well outdoors. By using the zoom function, it can blur out the background and simple Macro which was the weakness of the 30mm lens can also be taken with the bundle lens. Let’s take a look at it with various samples.

I prefer the pancake lens due to the mobility, but the bundle lens is also useful for some purpose.

It was about to rain on the shooting day, so it was very dark even in the afternoon. I usually didn’t compensate pictures, but at this time, I adjusted the brightness slightly.

The bundle lens can also blur out the background sufficiently. Putting the subject closer and securing the distance to the background, the out focusing effect like the 30mm pancake lens can be made.

The sharpness is also great. Even in a cloudy day, I could take great pictures. Normally, with this bundle lens with daylight, I don’t need any other lenses.

Among the lenses of the NX10 released, Macro shooting can be made with the 18-55mm lens. Of course, it’s also available with the pancake lens, but there’s something insufficient. Setting the 18-55mm lens to the maximum telephoto angle, you will get the great results in Macro shooting. This time, I wrote a review with the 18-55mm lens.

Previously, the bundle lenses of Olympus and Pentax were so great that a lot of peole used it, and I’ve also been using the Olympus product for a long time and the bundle was good enough for me. The bundle of the NX10 also has great performance as much as other bundle lenses. A lot of users have chosen the NX10 + 30mm combination, but if you have an opportunity, I recommend the 18-55mm also. Let me finish the review with the movie recorded by the NX10+18-55mm lens.

While encoding, the quality was a little degraded.


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