Small, but Strong Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera NX10

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device.

Samsung Camera NX10..

The NX10 is the first model of NX line up and a popular mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It’s an interchangeable lens type, but with a smaller body and light weight, it’s trying to have both image quality and mobility.


Samsung Digital Imaging has released the first NX series which is a mirrorless camera in the Micro Fourth Thirds market made by Japanese makers with PEN and GF1,.


It has APS-C size 14.6m pixels CMOS supporting better out focusisng, EVF, vivid 3” AMOLED, and HD movie recording as advantages compared with other cameras.


3 lenses such as 30mm Pancake lens, 18-55mm standard, zoom lens, and 50-200m telephoto zoom lens have been released, and there will be more various lenses to be launched. By using K-mound adapter, Samsung and Pentax Lenses used for GX series can also be used.


DSLR like Design… It means it seems like a previous DSLR camera. It becomes smaller, but due to the dark and firm body with the blue point which is Samsung’s own, it looks like a smaller DSLR unlike other cameras trying to make a totally different camera.

Things unsatisfied with the NX10..

Since it’s a new and the first model of the NX lineup, I’d like to check as much as possible. Therefore, I could see the great things such as good mobility, bright AMOLED screen, and fast AF speed, but there were also unsatisfactory things.


Most of all, I want to say something about the design. I thought the design was too similar to DSLR cameras. Given that other competitors showed different design compared to DSLR cameras, Samsung should also have designed it with some difference, I think.

However, the DSLR like design is not always bad. Even though the design is like a DSLR, it has great grip with its small size and some people also liked it.


One more thing I want to talk about is AF. The NX10 has contrast AF, and that’s why the accuracy of the AF was a little bit low when taking videos or pictures, I thought. Of course, I used a test sample, not an official one for sale. Even though I considered that it wasn’t as good as an official model in performance and AF accuracy, it wasn’t very good for me. I hope this part has already been improved for the official product.

Waiting for the endless revolution of the NX10..

The NX10 was an issue from the launching ceremony. Because the ceremony wasn’t smoothly progressed, the camera was also criticized.


As I checked it from Samsung, except the NX10 with 3 lenses, there will be following lenses and cameras prepared and NX platform will not be ended shortly. Therefore, if you are interested in mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the NX10 is also the camera to focus on with taking your time.


Moreover, there will be frequent firmware update as a domestic model, when it’s needed. The update of the previous GX wasn’t made so quickly, because of the co-work with Pentax, but now, it will be made much more frequently with the NX10, I believe.


I’m going to talk about the NX10 once more. I’ll show you the photos and videos taken by NX10 at that time. If interested, please look forward to my next review.

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