City Beach Roaming

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Just as I thought that summer was coming to a close, the weather, in typical Sydney fashion, turned on a run of perfect days. So I just had to head out to the Eastern suburb beaches to enjoy the occasion.

Here is the Bronte rock pool looking particularly inviting. I believe the rock pools scattered around Sydney’s beaches have got to be some of the most pleasant pools around the world.

[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/350s ㅣf5.6 ㅣISO 80ㅣ11.2mm]

The surf was pretty good too, nature really was putting on a treat for us.

[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/500s ㅣf5.0 ㅣISO 80ㅣ9.3mm]

This little girl was wandering around in a bit of a daze enjoying the space on offer on the manicured sands of Tamarama beach.

beach kid
[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/1000s ㅣf4.3 ㅣISO 80ㅣ15.4mm]

Such a big beach, more like a desert when you are this size.

[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/1000s ㅣf4.3 ㅣISO 80ㅣ15.4mm]

For lunch we went for some fish and chips and a beer at Watson’s bay. Always a pleasure, and always a very well observed meal by the local feathered rats, waiting to pounce on any chip that looks like it might be grabable. Many times I have seen chips taken from the fingers and lips of unsuspecting diners.

[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/180s ㅣf5.9 ㅣISO 80ㅣ24.5mm]

And when the diners leave their table… it’s a free for all!


[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/500s ㅣf3.9 ㅣISO 80ㅣ13.2mm]

A little further down the coast a surfer heads out past the life boats.

[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/125s ㅣf5.9 ㅣISO 80ㅣ24.5mm]

This burnt out car provided an artistic reminder of the sometimes odd nature of the species. I must say however, fire does wonderful and terrible things to all it touches, leaving behind scenes both beautiful and scary.


[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/180s ㅣf3.7 ㅣISO 80ㅣ5.7mm]


[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/90s ㅣf3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

Here is the view from the Balmain ferry wharf as the sun throws pink clouds up behind the bridge at day’s end.


[Samsung PL150(TL210) 1/60s ㅣf3.5 ㅣISO 80ㅣ4.9mm]

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