Interviews with Samsung Imagelogers at Photo Exhibition

Samsung Imageloger Photo Exhibition has held the opening ceremony last weekend. The exhibit hall was thronged with passionate people of photography and Samsung digital cameras. Each of them was absorbed in taking photos with own Samsung cameras to capture moments of excitation of the day. The atmosphere rose to a climax, as Samsung Imaging announced three best Imagelogers in first half of the year of 2010.

Mr. Junghyun Jun

Mr. Junghyun Jun
, best of the best Imagelogers talks about his picture displayed at the exhibition. “Samsung EX1 has a manageable LCD that allows to take shots in various angles. ‘Tree dreamed by sea’ is created by my EX1, making profit of its flexible LCD. I tilted the camera to capture nearer from the bottomside these trails on sand beach left by seaweeds.” Before using EX1, he had been an Imageloger of Samsung WP10, the compact water proof camera.


Mr. Mu Shan Bo Nan

There also were some special guests from China: Mr. Niu Yu Long, Mr. Mu Shan Bo Nan, and Miss Yao Li Sha. They all are Samsung Imagelogers using NX10. Niu Yu Long said, “It is an awesome experience to be one of Samsung Imagelogers. I really appreciate the chance to share my photos with the public.” Mu Shan Bo Nan talked about his the camera. “Samsung NX10 is a magnificent camera that enables users to rediscover the sense of perception. NX10 has a extremely light weight and the highest quality ever.”

A part of photos in the article is made by ‘zenzang75′, an imageloger, has been posted under the author’s consent.


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