Cheering Baseball Game!

What do you think the most popular sport in Japan?
Basketball? Soccer?
It’s certain that Japanese people are also enjoying World Cup. They won the last game and the atmosphere is incredibly hot now.
But I think Japanese like baseball more than any sports.
Japan was the winner of last World Baseball Classics and they have so many professional and amateur baseball teams and stadiums.

Last week, I went to see the game between two universities in Tokyo and I became interested in their cheering culture than the game itself.
I can’t give a vivid description of the scenes, so instead, I show you the movie that the cheerleaders and students are cheering their players.

This is a very cute movie. How lovely girls!

People saying, Japanese are very well-organized people.
Yes, I felt it is absolutely true.


Especially, it was quite interesting boys are wearing old uniform. Maybe it is a kind of tradition although they seemed to be so hot.
I enjoyed myself cheering with them, and my team lost the game but it was a really pleasant day.

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