Samsung Opens Imageloger Photo Exhibition

ast Saturday, there was an opening ceremony of Imageloger Photo Exhibition at Samsung D’light, Samsung’s exhibit hall in Seoul. Samsung Imaging invited some of Asian Imagelogers, who had performed creative activities during first half of 2010. The event got started by introducing the meaning of Imageloger and how these Imagelogers have contributed to public relations of Samsung Digital Cameras. ‘Imageloger’ is a compound word formed from ‘Image’ and ‘Blogger’, which designate a group of amateur photographers taking solidarity for Samsung Digital Cameras. Samsung Imaging supports a limited number of Imagelogers worldwide to share amazing experiences created by Samsung Digital Cameras.

Samsung Imaging also hold an awards ceremony for best Imagelogers in first half of the year.

After the general presentation, all the invited Imagelogers moved to the gallery to enjoy the photo exhibition, which is composed of the best photos from Imagelogers, carefully selected by Samsung Imaging. In the gallery hall, there were a small reception party and a giveaway event for all participants. The place was swarming with overseas reporters.

Samsung Imageloger Photo Exhibition continues until 10th of July.


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