Trimming garden on one shiny day

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ST1000(CL65) 1/250s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

It was nice and shiny day thus, we had to do some trims on our garden before my parent comes back and get angry about it.. 😦 Me and my sibligs are not professional gardeners, but we have to show to mom and dad that we did our best to keep the best condition of garden as we could. To be honest, because we didn’t do our best, lots and lots of weeds were grown in our lawn and garden. Since my dad’s coming back this week, we decided to get rid of those weeds today.


 ST1000(CL65) 1/180s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

Let’s get started! There’s my brother – a.k.a Tony – working on the lawn. 🙂 I was taking care of that small garden. I felt sorry for tulips and roses while I was working because they were not in good condition because of those weeds..


ST1000(CL65) 1/180s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

That was just beginning of the work. I forgot to take the photos of weeds that we all trimmed out. We had to use two huge bags to carry it away.


 ST1000(CL65) 1/180s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

Tony was working with the tool on the lawn. He was complaining for whole day, “Why there are so many weeds?! I can’t see the finish! Why do we have so huge lawn?? (Well, we do not actually. He was just complaining about the size because he didn’t want to work.) I really should make backyard into the basketball court with concrete, you know!” And I had to calm him down saying blah, blah, blah… Yeah, he looks huge but he’s still childish and not even 20 years old yet – what can I say… 😛


ST1000(CL65) 1/90s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

I know weeds are strong and can grow anywhere and that theory really touched my thought while I took those weeds out from those blocks. Can I be that strong, but not useless..?

ST1000(CL65) 1/180s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

Ok, all done! I’m sorry that I don’t have before & after photo to compare. However, please believe me that me and my brother worked for more than 2 hours to complete both front and backyard. That small garden looked pretty empty after got rid of all weeds. Perhaps I should plant some flowers in there – after my dad comes back, due to my budget situation…


ST1000(CL65) 1/250s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm


ST1000(CL65) 1/500s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

On my way to backyard through the stairs. 🙂 I like that stairs for some reason, but someone recommended my parent to get rid of that stairs because raccoon can live in the space between the lawn and stairs.


ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

Oh, and I’m thinking about plant some little flowers in here before mom comes back. I guess I can handle that, haha.


ST1000(CL65) 1/500s l F3.7 l ISO 80 l 8.1mm


ST1000(CL65) 1/180s l F8.5 l ISO 80 l 8.1mm


ST1000(CL65) 1/500s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

And this’s the backyard. Beyond those tall trees, you can reach to the walkway and it’s pretty good! That’s one thing that my family loves our house. My parent always takes a walk through that walkway about an hour. 🙂

After I’ve done this small part, Tony said “Hey, I think you took out too much that daddy planted here…” Oh well, there were too many weeds all over the place so I couldn’t tell which is the one that daddy planted. Sorry dad.. 😦


ST1000(CL65) 1/500s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm


ST1000(CL65) 1/125s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

Those roses are supposed to ready to bloom but they’re still scraggy. Hope they’ll look better within next two weeks.


A bloomed rose and little white flower – I don’t know the name of it – in front yard. I just wish flowers and trees in our lawn and yard can grow healthier than before. 🙂


ST1000(CL65) 1/250s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm


ST1000(CL65) 1/500s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm

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