Samsung Imaging Shows Off a Screen Saver

amsung Imaging
has made a nice screen saver. Now, we can freely enjoy pictures from Samsung Imaging on personal computer. Samsung Imaging’s screen saver is composed of gorgeous shots from the top five digital cameras of Samsung: NX10, EX1(TL500), PL150(TL210), ST5500(CL80), WB650(HZ35W), and Samsung digital camcorder HMX-H205. The pictures are all made by Samsung Digital Cameras’ special fans worldwide.

We call them ‘IMGLOGER’ which is a mixed word using ‘Image’ and ‘Blogger’. It also means ‘I’m a good blogger’. IMGLOGER is a trend leader group participating in various online activities for Samsung cameras, using images as means of sharing personal stories. Some of them express their passion for photography through Samsung Imaging Blog, and the others on personal blogs and many other SNS channels.

Samsung Digital Imaging is always happy to support them with a good partnership. IMGLOGERs are to be welcomed to participate in Samsung’s official events and promotions. Samsung Digital Imaging’s sincere longing to share the beauty of the world with public and all digital camera users shows up on the idea of making the screen saver.

The beautiful shots presented in Samsung Imaging’s screen saver clearly show the quality of Samsung digital cameras. Compact mirrorless camera NX10 perfectly realizes sharp pictures in bright colors with APS-C 14.6 MP CMOS sensor and 3.0” AMOLED screen. Recently released EX1(TL500) has 24mm F1.8 Schneider KREUZNACH lens which allows capturing ultra natural-brightness with a max ISO of 3200. The best of PL series, PL150(TL210) has elegant front and back dual LCDs, and its Smart Auto 2.0 makes shooting fun and easier. ST5500(CL80) can capture any of subjects with 7x optical zoom, and also has wireless connectivity to share shots at any of moments. WB650(HZ35W) allows a deeper perspective with 15x super-zoom, can memory the moments with its GPS map-viewer. Samsung’s digital camcorder HMX-H205 has innovative BSI CMOS sensor making full HD videos with reduced image noise and distortion and also takes 4.7 megapixel photos.

To download the screen saver, please click here.

Screen saver will automatically be installed as running the file after unzipping ’’.



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