Samsung NX10 Rewrite the history of Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (Chapter 2)

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device.


In the previous review, I introduced the NX10 as a new DSLR from Samsung, but technically it’s not a DSLR, because there’s no mirror box to reduce the size. However, it has as great functions and performance as DSLR cameras in the new mount, so I called it a new DSLR, so it think <Mirrorless Interchangeable lens> is more appropriate.

We simply went over the appearance of the NX10 and functions in the previous review. In this chapter, I’m going to take a look at the performance with the 30mm pancake lens mounted with sample images.


The 30mm pancake lens is the most appropriate lens of the NX10. Of course, the 18-55mm standard lens and 50-200mm telephoto lens are also useful, but in the size, weight, and performance, the 30mm pancake lens is better.

The NX10 has APS-C sensor (23.5×15.7mm 14.6M effective pixels) and its own mount. In order to use the previous Pentax and Samsung DSLR lens, an adapter is necessary and AF is not supported. Image Stabilization is made in the lens, not in a body, and the 30mm lens doesn’t have IS function, but F2.0 allows users to use it in most of the situations without any problems. The 21.5mm of length and 85g of heavy is kind of fantastic compared with the previous heavy camera.


Resolution by Aperture value


By using the chart, it’s shown like the above picture. In F8.0 and 11.0, it showed the highest sharpness and in F2.0, it showed the quite good sharpness without degrading the light of surroundings. I think it’s a quite great lens.

White Balance


They are images by White Balance and ISO. It supports various white balance modes such as Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Fluorescent White/Fluorescent NW/Fluorescent Daylight/Tungsten/Flash WB/User setting and K mode which is a color temperature mode.

These white balance modes are necessary to express images more accurately, and also you can apply various effects on the images, so it will allow you more interesting shooting.



Looking at the change by ISO, there was not much noise in low ISO, but from ISO 800, it increased, and in ISO 3200, it drastically increased and colors also got weak. I took these indoors with kind of low light, so it might have been worse and you will not use 100% of the original image size. Therefore, after resizing or cropping, you will be able to use images taken in ISO 1600 or 3200 for web sites.

The overall quality of the NX10 is calm and warm. Personally, I used to experience digital cameras in cold feeling, so it was special to me.

It’s not on the test, but the NX10 supports a noise reduction function for long time / high ISO, and the function has been applied to the above images. I used to enjoy taking shots in low ISO rather than high ISO, but the sample images were taken in ISO 800 and the quality was good.


I didn’t look over all the functions of the NX10, but it supports Picture Wizard to change color feeling and image correction function to modify color, saturation, sharpness, and contrast.

Color space can be set to sRGB or Adobe RGB, and various shooting modes such as continuous shots / Burst / Self Timer / Bracket shooting (Exposure BK T, WB BKT, and Picture Wizard BKT). And Smart Range correcting the loss of brightness, AEL (Auto Exposure Lock) and AFL (Auto Focus Lock) are also very useful.

Detailed functions and interface have already been posted in professional camera web sites, so please refer to them. I’d like to finish my review with uploading some sample images. I hope there will be another opportunity to talk about convenient things or others. In conclusion, the NX10 which is Samsung’s new concept camera is a great camera enough to recommend everyone, and you will be pleased with this camera.

The image of the NX10 was taken by Nikon D40X(Tamlon 28-75mm) and the sample images taken by the NX10 were only cropped and resized without any editing.



This review represents the sole opinion of their individual authors and MUNK and don’t express the opinion of Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd., or the opinion of any affiliates unless specifically marked as such. For any further questions, or feedback, please visit MUNK



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