EX1(TL500) Beat the Other Competitors with an Excellent Score!

he Cnet Asia, a popular product review site, has reviewed Samsung point-and-shoot camera EX1(TL500) and the EX1(TL500) got an Excellent score 8.2! (out of 10)

To see the full review of EX1(TL500), please click here.

The reviewer Leonard Goh, one of the most influential editors of Gadget review, also gave 8 and 7.6 points each for Panasonic LX3 and Cannon G11 on his review. Including compact cameras, such as LX3, S90, TZ10, TX1 and G11, 8 points (out of 10) is the top score of the review. which is still lower than EX1(TL500)’s score. Check out the review here.

According to the review, Samsung EX1(TL500) has all the good bits from the Panasonic LX3 and the Canon G11 combined into one package, finished with a touch of Samsung in the form of an AMOLED screen. In terms of function and operation, EX1(TL500) is tops in the market now. The EX1(TL500) is probably the most advanced point-and-shoot on the market today.

In addition, EX1(TL500)’s Super-fast F1.8 lens, solid build and design, hi-res swivel display and good picture quality are especially highlighted from Cnet Asia.


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