Photographers’ Party in China, P&E 2010

13th China International Photograph & Electrical Imaging Machinery and Technology Fair (2010 CHINA P&E), held from June 10 till June 13 in Beijing, organized by the China International Exhibition Center. The biggest photography exhibition in China covered the entire range of the digital imaging process.

In four-day exhibition, there were world’s renowned manufacturers including Samsung, and over 200,000 visitors kept pouring during the show. Samsung, as one of the biggest manufacturers, showed our new equipment and accessories at the show.

Quick view of P&E 2010

The pictures below are from P&E 2010, on the first day.

main stage 

Everyone knows Samsung’s original blue logo.

Beautiful models introduced new products


 Colourful dancers on the main stage


The marching band’s performance

new products


You can see more pictures, click here.

To visit P&E official website, click here.


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