This time, Trefa award is for EX1(TL500)

proudly announced that Samsung camera has got Trefa award (by for EX1(TL500). You may be familiar with the name ‘Trefa’ or you’ve seen the similar news before. It’s not déjà vu, it is the second time we have got Trefa award!

You can check the last article about Trefa award for NX10 here.

Generally the review is really positive, it is clearly comparing with Panasonic LX3 and it is claimed to beat it.

According to the article, the advantages of EX1(TL500) are great picture quality especially by ISO up to 200, unbelievably bright lens, quick focus and picture processing, interesting design, great and moving AMOLED, great HDR and good price.

To see the full review in Czech, please click here.


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