First night out with the NX10


NX10 l 1/15s l 2.0F l ISO480 l aperture priority l 30mm

In digital photography these days, I personally think low light situations are the real test for any new camera. To me, it’s not about the amount of megapixels, but the way it handles noise and the ability to use fast lenses are the real important aspect. The Samsung NX10 teams up with the fast 30mm ƒ/2 pancake lens and has an ISO range of up to 3200. That sounds like fun!


NX10 l 1/15s l 2.0F l ISO640 l aperture priority l 30mm


NX10 l 1/45s l 2.0F l ISO200 l aperture priority l 30mm

I took the NX10 and its tiny pancake lens out for the first time in the evening, in the lovely city of Ghent (Belgium). Along the way I took various photos, testing out the camera’s settings. I’m a big fan of the aperture priority setting on cameras, since it best defines how I want the photo to look. So all the shots you can see here are taken with that very setting. I actually used the Auto ISO setting a lot as well, something I found very handy. One thing less to worry about! Of course, on high ISO settings, the noise is very present, but it’s noise of a pleasant quality and it doesn’t bother me at all.

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