[NX10 Review] Photos by the NX10… My favorite lens is

This time, I’d like to talk about the photos taken by the NX10.

Photos by the NX10

For your information, pictures I’m introducing are only resized without compensation. For the information of photos, please refer to the EXIF data on the lower side of photos.

Firstly, landscape pictures. Personally, I take this type of photos the most.



Secondly, portrait shots. (The model is my niece.)


720p Movie test sample




Next part is Food pictures. I usually do not upload, but take quite a few. It’s a kind of weird shots.







Lastly, several low light shots. There were also shots taken in low light condition, but I rearranged them here.







I uploaded some of the pictures taken by the NX10. You can evaluate the pictures by yourselves.


Personally, it was good, because I could easily take these pictures thanks to the great mobility of the NX10. It was also easy to record movies.




My favorite lens is…



Like I mentioned from the previous review, I used 3 lenses for the field test such as 30mm, 18-55mm, and 50-200mm. These have been released together with the NX10 and for the basic bundle kit, the 18-55mm lens has been attached.


However, all field testers liked the 30mm pancake lens the most. The silhouette of pancake also made the mobility of the NX10 the best, but the most important one is its brightness and sharpness.



Personally, I agree with their opinion. However, the bundle 18-55mm lens was also quite good and more useful than 30mm. That’s why I started to take a lot of pictures with the 18-55mm lens.




In conclusion..


In conclusion, the NX10 was not only great to carry, but also great to take shots with deeper depth and 720p videos with the APS-C standard large image sensor. It can be used for various situations.



Of course, there were some functions to be updated such as AF function, but there will be new lenses this year and Samsung is preparing the next model in the near future. I’m looking forward to seeing a new NX camera from Samsung Digital Imaging.




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