“Oh Vienna”

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I think I finally know why Ultravox decided to make song “Vienna”!
All I’m gonna say is “Oh Vienna”!!!!
It’s amazing, neat, adorable, calm, romantic, cold (like the rest of Europe as well at this moment), full of amazing energy and history and damn to cool!….Ohhhh Vienna!!!

Vienna - center

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/45 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:100

Very wild weekend is behind me. On Friday, I finished with my “normal” job, left Belgrade and went to the north of Serbia. I arrived quite late. In Sombor I drunk coffee with my parents and then met some friends, my brother and his wife and we went to Vienna by bus. Bus is definitely choice for tourist adventurist, It’s cheaper and so on, but if you have lack of time like me and only 1.5 days to visit Vienna and then come back home and prepare for job then it’s not so great choice. However, even I forgot what sleeping means and completely change night for day or day for night or…simply didn’t sleep, I have to say I had truly amazing time there!

When we arrived to Austria, first we did was attacking famous Austrian shopping village Parndorf near border. It’s literally a village full of all the famous clothing brands in the world. All of these goods are from previous seasons, and / or some of the items may have some minor errors or mis‐constructions etc. but hardly visible and choice of clothes is just amazing. When it is important for you to wear a certain lable on your clothings, these shops in the Designer‐Outlet Parndorf make sense ! You might be happy to get a jacket for “just” 300 euros that is over 600 euros in other shops.

After that we finally came to Vienna. My first impression was wow. What I find fascinating is that entire city is covered with amazing architecture in Austro‐Hungarian style so you have a kind of feeling that you have lost in some past time but the feeling is very comfortable.

So if you ask me what are things you must do in Vienna, I would say on first place : Please visit
Schönbrunn: Schonnbrunn Park and Gloriette!

Sch_nbrunn Palace-1

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/800 / lens aperture: F9.1 / ISO:80


Sch_nbrunn Palace-2

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/750 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:80

Schonnbrunn Garden

Sch_nbrunn Palace-4

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/180 / lens aperture: F9.1 / ISO:80

Sch_nbrunn Palace-6

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/800 / lens aperture: F4.7 / ISO:80

I was born and raised in part of Serbia called Vojvodina (north) and in past, this part of Serbia was under Austro‐Hungerians at some point and Maria Theresie in that time made some truly amazing buildings in Vojvodina. So…before I visited Vienna, I already knew that Maria Theresia was a lady with lot of style, great taste and she was definitely a huge hedonist! And this place is just one part of Schönbrunn complex. She loved this building with its incredible view of the gardens and palace and took breakfast here daily. Lucky lady hmm?

Sch_nbrunn Palace-5

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/125 / lens aperture: F5.4 / ISO:80

This is view from the garden on previous photo. Looking at this scene I couldn’t stop wondering what’s the feeling when you’re so powerful in every aspect and see all those ants (read: people) who are working for you. Ok I promiss I wouldn’t go in deeper psycho analyze of this.

Sch_nbrunn Palace-3

Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/250 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:80

I don’t know really those guys, they just insisted to pose for me while I was taking photos in Schonnbrunn.

ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/60 / lens aperture: F5.4 / ISO:100

This is Museum of Modern Art. One more amazing thing about Vienna is that they invest so much in young talents and art. On their billboards, most of adverts are related to art events such as exhibitions, festivals, Opera etc. I guess, it’s one of the ways how you can see how developed is some country. If I’ve heard well, their Opera gets from government around 10 millions euros every year and employes God knows how many people. Respect!


Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/125 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:80

This is Hofburg Imperial Palace. The city was a stage to the Austrian Civil War of 1934, when Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss sent the Austrian Army to shell civilian housing occupied by the socialist militia. In 1938, after a triumphant entry into Austria, Adolf Hitler famously spoke to the Austrian people from the balcony of the Neue Burg, a part of the Hofburg at the Heldenplatz. Between 1938 and the end of the Second World War, Vienna lost its status as a capital to Berlin.


Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/20 / lens aperture: F5.8 / ISO:200

Romantic, isn’t it? 🙂

SAM_1632Samsung ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/250 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:80


Here is little more of Vienna spirit

ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/750 / lens aperture: F4.1 / ISO:80

ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/45 / lens aperture: F5.7 / ISO:200

As every proper tourist, in the end of my one day journey trough Vienna, I went to famous Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park lol.

ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/45 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:200

ST550(TL225) / shutter speed: 1/8 / lens aperture: F3.5 / ISO:400

Rainy day, cold evening didn’t gave me marvelous panorama view, still it was maybe the perfect way to chillax somewhere on the sky and look Vienna after a crazy day.

If everything goes well, I’m going to Prague very soon and can’t really wait!!!

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