“Single lady” singing by a Little girl

# The Dollar Van Demos Seen with PS305

Dollar Van Demos recently visited the Dr. Peter Ray School aka PS 305 in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn for Career Day. Also speaking to the students were Leeia Music, Wordspit, Jack Spa77ow plus many community group leaders.

We like to extend a special thank you to Principal Dr. Julia Mortley, the outstanding staff and the wonderful students of PS 305 for a fantastic event.

Here are short cuts. A little girl sang “Single lady” in the end of clip. So lovely~<3<3

# ‘The Dollar Van Demos Seen’ with Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga

We attended the Digital Press Conference at Ariel Publicity’s Park Slope headquarters and caught the superb musicianship of fiddler Cady Finlayson & guitarist Vita Tanga. Here the duo perform their medley ‘Dunmore Lassics/Kathleen’s Fiddle”

For more info on Cady, please visit http://www.fiddleandguitar.com
or on Twitter http://twitter.com/celticfiddle
Follow Ariel Publicity on Twitter http://twitter.com/CyberPR

Movie uploaded from Samsung Intelli-studio. Thank you for watching!

Go meet dollar van demos on Youtube and DOLLAR VAN DEMOS.COM.

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