Protects with style

Scratch-proof coated surface can prevent the body from being scratched.

Elegant design and unique color can express user’s character.

27mm 5x zoom!

Wider with 27mm wide angle, closer with 5x zoom, and more detailed with 12.2M pixels

With the ES70, pictures will be more creative.

More smart pictures with Smart Auto!!

Smart Auto with 16 various setting modes

Without detailed setting, users can get great quality pictures.

2.7” large LCD

With Large and wide 2.7” color LCD, more vivid quality pictures can be taken.

Even for perfect movie recording with the ES70

30fps high quality movie recording.

Without a camcorder, the ES70 can take care of everything.

Perfect Portrait System!

Skin Brightness and correction can be adjusted from the camera,

so skins can be brighter and cleaner, so without photoshop,

users can get the best portrait images.

Smart Album for management of images

Various contents such as Photo and Movie

can be sorted by various categories such as date, time, color, and so on. therefore,

it allows users easy management of pictures.

28mm F8.0 1/60s ISO80 55mm F4.8 1/320s ISO80 28mm F8.0 1/60s ISO80

39mm F3.9 1/200s ISO80 55mm F4.8 1/80s ISO80 33mm F3.5 1/60s ISO80

28mm F3.2 1/320s ISO80 92mm F5.4 1/500s ISO80 28mm F3.2 1/20s ISO400

Clicking the image, you can see the original picture.


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