Orangutan Photographer Nonja is a Perfect Marketer of ST1000(CL65)

Our Orangutan friend ‘Nonja’ and her Samsung camera ST1000(CL65) got Silver at CLIO award. To visit the previous posts about Nonja, please click the links.

1st Post Have you seen an orangutan playing with a camera?

2nd Post Do you remember orangutan photographer Nonja? She’s back.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has been awarded a prestigious international CLIO award for a new strategic communications and public relations initiative to launch its ST1000(CL65) product. The CLIO Awards are one of the world’s most recognised international advertising, design and communications competitions, focused on evolving with the industry in order to acknowledge the most current and innovative work. The prize was awarded for an online and social media campaign to launch the ST1000(CL65) digital camera, in conjunction with Austria’s renowned Schonbrunn Zoo and demonstrated Samsung’s ongoing commitment to breakthrough communication campaigns.

Samsung developed a unique partnership with the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna, to show consumers how easy and intuitive the new ST1000(CL65) camera is at uploading pictures to the internet via its innovative wireless capabilities, a feature shared across a number of Samsung’s digital cameras. Samsung equipped the zoo’s resident female Orangutan ‘Nonja’ with the ST1000(CL65) camera, and the images produced by Nonja were then uploaded through the camera’s wireless capabilities daily to a Facebook account and specially designed Microsite, receiving an overwhelming 200,000 hits from a worldwide audience of fans.

This unprecedented and ground breaking strategy proved that ST1000(CL65)’s capabilities and easy-to-use features could even be operated by anyone, including an Orangutan, a message that was successfully communicated to an audience around the world. The campaign showcased the ST1000(CL65)’s ability to capture and share photo memories wirelessly on the move, allowing users to truly connect with family and friends. Packed full of innovation and encased in a sleek compact frame, the camera’s wireless functionality enables users to send and post pictures in real time via applications like Facebook and provides an unrivalled experience in sharing content amongst loved ones. With the increasing need for camera users to share their images instantly with loved ones, a number of Samsung’s digital cameras provide wireless capabilities.

For more information of Nonja, please visit the sites below.

Samsung Affennews


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