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Today, we’re going to talk a broad look at intelli-studio. Questions regarding how to use intelli-studio often come up on YouTube and other blog. Let’s use the questions below to solve the curiosity on intelli-studio.
Most of the questions are about difficulties on getting the program appear automatically. If you connect the USB cable when the power is on, results similar to the ones mentioned above appear occasionally because the computer does not recognize it. Go back to the basics – turn on the power after connecting the USB cable.
Now, let’s learn more about intelli-studio.
Intelli-studio is an editing program installed in products released in the second half of the year 2009. Without separate installation process, the program automatically pops up when the USB cable is connected to the PC. This built-in software ‘intelli-studio’ is installed in products after SMX-C10 in camcorders and from 2view camera ST550(TL225) line in cameras. Please refer to the product model below.
Intelli-studio is installed in products
C20_red_R45_open-330 <SMX-C20>
* Camcorder built in intelli-studio: SMX-C10, C14, HMX-R10, HMX-H106, SMX-F45 etc.
* Camera built in intelli-studio: ST550, ST500, ST1000, WB650 etc.
You can basically edit images and videos with this program. It is designed in such a way to assist ordinary people who are not experts to create videos easily. In addition, intelli-studio has a function to share on YouTube and flickr. For videos, you have to be careful to edit to fit the file format, size and running time of different websites. Let’s take 2 representative sites that support HD as an example.
In case of YouTube, the maximum file size it supports is 2GB within 10 minutes. In case of Vimeo, it is 500MB/week and has no time limit. Vimeo which supports high-definition, is attractive due to the fact that there’s no restriction on time.
One moment here! Samsung camera and camcorders supports H.264 codec so you can edit video files on sony vegas, iMac, window movie maker in addition to intelli-studio.
Below, you can find a video on how to use Intelli-studio. Tiky will take you through the video – sound familiar? :))
Learn from Tiky! How to use Intelli-studio!
User review video

Please refer to the following category if you want to find out more about video editing on Intelli-studio.
# Category: Tiky&Tommy: Intelli-studio
As above, it is common for us to upload our video on YouTube. If so what are the products that can upload on to YouTube directly from the product without editing it? Let’s find out about ‘YouTube Friendly’ Samsung products.
* YouTube Friendly Camcorder
□ High Definition Camcorder
□ Standard Definition Camcorder
SC-MX20/ SMX-C10,C14/ SMX-F33,F34/ SMX-C20,C24
* YouTube Friendly Camera(with GPS)
ST1000, ST5500(CL80)
You can upload on YouTube via USB cables with camcorders, while with cameras, you can send videos and images directly if wi-fi is available.
The upgraded intelli-studio 2.0 of 2010 allows you to edit your video in a better environment. Hope you have fun creating a variety of high quality contents using this program!

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