Autumn Leaves’ – Final Project

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For jewellery program at my school, we have to clean up the bench that I worked after all classes are done. We also take back all projects that we’ve made throughout the term when we do bench clean up. The best project that I liked for this term is the last project that I made from ‘Metal Forming II’ class. To be honest, the finishing is not perfect and the construction is not perfectly done – I was short of time.. Well, can’t blame on time because I was bit lazy – but I like the design personally so I’m being brave here to show you my work..!
ST1000(CL65) 1/45s l F3.7 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm
This is my rough design concept. I learned ‘anticlastic’ and ‘folding’ methods from this class and I had to apply the skills that I’ve learned. (Anticlastic: Curved in opposite ways in two directions on a surface; from ‘Wiktionary’) So I tried to apply ‘anticlastic’ method for the round entrance of the necklace, and apply ‘folding’ method for the leaves.
ST1000(CL65) 1/45s l F3.7 l ISO 120 l 6.3mm
Middle of the progression! I’m on progress for anticlastic entrance, folding leaves, and chain. See the rectangular brass? That’s the beginning of the leaf. I had to anneal that plain brass to make it soft enough that I can fold in half just like the brass leaf above it. After I fold it, I cut out the exterior so it can look like a leaf, and then anneal it again with huge torch in silversmith room. When the brass became soft enough, I hammer the brass with forging hammer to not only stretching the metal but also to put the texture which will look like a leaf. After done hammering, anneal the metal again with torch and unfold the leaf – mostly by hand, but brass is harder than copper or silver so needed some pliers for help. Then, you’ll see the leaf look like the silver one on the top!
ST1000(CL65) 1/60s l F3.7 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) 1/45s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm
This is ‘demo’ leaf that I demonstrated with copper before I work on with silver and brass. Shape wasn’t bad, but my professor worried about the sharp and cracked edges because it would be hurt the cloth or person’s skin who wears it. Personally, I liked the cracked edge since it gives more ‘leaf’ feeling but it’s unwearable according my professor so I had to let that go. Strange colour pattern on the back appeared because of the heat. I kind of like it. 🙂
ST1000(CL65) 1/30s l F3.7 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
Jump rings for the chain! I first have to anneal long silver wire – approximately 100cm per chain, I guess – and then roll it on the small round mandrel so it can form the spring figure looks like on the right side of the photo. After that, cut the spring silver wire using saw to make individual jump rings. Now all I have to do is connect those jump rings one by one. Since my design has three long chains, it took some time to connect jump rings one by one but I actually liked it because I can work that part at home. 🙂
ST1000(CL65) 1/45s l F3.7 l ISO 120 l 6.3mm
Leaves are done! Except the stone setting on the silver leaf, I’ll do later. Synthetic corundum with red colour – probably ruby – is going to be set using tube setting method. 🙂
Well, those are some progression photos. Now, below photo is the final result that I came up with.
ST1000(CL65) 1/3s l F3.7 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
To let some people know just in case who do not understand how this works as a necklace…
ST1000(CL65) 1/3s l F3.7 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
Below photos are some close up shots.
ST1000(CL65) 1/3s l F3.6 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) 1/3s l F3.6 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) 1/3s l F3.6 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
ST1000(CL65) 1/4s l F3.6 l ISO 200 l 6.3mm
And that’s it! Hope you all enjoyed to see what I’ve done. 🙂 I’m going to make more pieces next year so I’ll try to show more of my work IF I’m still a blogger here till then… Haha.
Bonus! My brother took a shot for me when I wore it. I thought perhaps I should make bigger leaf or smaller round entrance after I saw the photo, but.. Hope you’ll enjoy this one too! 🙂
ST1000(CL65) 1/8s l F3.6 l ISO 800 l 6.3mm
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