The Night in Brazil was Brighter with PL100(TL205)

There were four beautiful girls in short black dresses and a guy with a black shirt at the famous clubs in São Paulo, Brazil. They were Samsung camera PL100(TL205)’s promoters.

The black Samsung promoters have approached groups of people and asked “Can we take a picture with you? Have you seen the new Samsung Camera PL100(TL205) with dual display?” They demonstrated and explained main features of PL100(TL205). Using front view of the camera, promoters took pictures with people as well.

People were very receptive and curious about PL100(TL205). They were impressed with Front Display, Children Mode, and Beauty Shot. Some people said they’ve heard about the event from friends who were impacted on previous days. One of the street artists was very interested in buying this camera to register his work. And some people had purchased the camera after the event and questioned the promoters about configuration.

Moreover, some celebrities were approached: Leilah Moreno (Altas Horas TV show band), Angelo Paes Leme (actor), Ricardo Góes (TV Record host), Carlos da Silva (Mendigo from TV Record), Celso Zucatelli (TV Record host), Wagner Santisteban (actor).

Pictures from the nights were uploaded to Experiência Digital Flickr channel. Consumers liked the action and the fact that the pictures would be available at Flickr.

Click to visit Experiência Digital Flickr Channel and see the photos from the nights.


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